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Sort By Date Holden is one of three U.S. centers offering

John Buatti, MD, chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology and a Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center member, describes how use of the MR-linac technology will help to personalize treatment of... Portage man survives brain cancer with

Ron Johnson just wanted to get back out on the golf course. And thanks to the latest in radiation technology, the Portage retiree was able to hit the links the...

Physics World: The MR-linac: initial clinical experience

The Elekta Unity is the first high-field MR-guided radiotherapy system. The device integrates a diag Read Full Story

Warrington Guardian: Dad diagnosed with three cancers

David Hutson, 60, will be treated for prostate cancer using the MR-guided linear accelerator (MR-linac) which is the first machine of its kind to do real-time MRI scans while targetting...

Townsville Bulletin: Active Breathing Coordinator transforms

Jennii Truong is a radiation therapist involved in carrying out the service and said its introduction was both exciting and heartwarming. “I got into this field to work with patients and...