Chilean women with cancer to benefit from advanced treatment technology

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Clínica Sanatorio Alemán first in the world to acquire Elekta’s Geneva brachytherapy applicator to treat gynecological cancers

In 2018, there were almost 55,000 new cancer cases in Chile and almost 30,00 cancer-related deaths.1 Gynecological, prostate and breast cancers in particular are on the rise in the region. To meet this situation, ONCORAD, a medical technology importer, has collaborated with Clínica Sanatorio Alemán in Concepcion Chile, to bring advanced brachytherapy technology to Chile.

Brachytherapy works by using an afterloader and applicator to place a source of radiation directly in, or next to the cancerous tumor inside the body. ONCORAD has become one of the most important users of this particular technique in the country, treating almost 15 patients per month, mostly for gynecological cancers.

Dr. Cesar Garcia, Head of the Oncology Department at ONCORAD in Concepcion, says: “Brachytherapy dose modulation is unique, giving you the opportunity to deliver a higher dose of radiation to the cancer while minimizing exposure healthy tissue. Also, adaptive imaging is crucial as it allows you to deliver a high dose in real tumor volume.”

With this background, Dr. Garcia is anticipating the new Elekta Geneva applicator. “Geneva is a practical and comfortable applicator with a design that better fits the patient’s anatomy. That’s an advantage as it makes it easier to insert the applicator into the patient minimizing risk and increasing the quality of the treatment.”

In addition to acquiring Elekta’s Geneva brachytherapy applicator, ONCORAD will take responsibility for installing the whole project in the clinic and care for Sanatorio Alemán’s radiation therapy patients.

ONCORAD has trusted Elekta technology since 2007, having previously installed two linear accelerators (linacs) with a third one installed in 2019. These include Elekta’s Monaco® treatment planning system and MOSAIQ® oncology information system. The cancer care provider has also invested in an Elekta afterloader and Oncentra Brachy with Applicator modeling for brachytherapy treatments.

ONCORAD expects to begin treating patients with its Geneva applicator by July 2020.

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