Rwanda’s first radiation therapy device to benefit thousands

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Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, unveils the country’s first linear accelerator, an Elekta Synergy, for the treatment of cancer

A promise of hope has arrived to the almost 11,000 people expected to be diagnosed with cancer in Rwanda this year. In early February, the Rwanda Cancer Centre (RCC) in Kigali inaugurated its Elekta Synergy® linear accelerator. This grand opening means that the RCC is the most advanced of its kind in East Africa.

Having an Elekta Synergy digital accelerator will make modern radiation therapy techniques such as volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) available in Rwanda. VMAT enables efficient, fast and safe treatments and contributes to improved outcomes for patients. In collaboration with the National Union of Construction Economists (UNTEC) and Elekta, the RCC is the first in East Africa to offer VMAT to all patients.

In addition to making high-quality treatment accessible to people in the region, the Synergy system will also make cancer care more affordable for patients and their families*. Since the linear accelerator became clinical late last year, the center has treated about 400 patients from Rwanda and neighboring countries.

With an Elekta Synergy digital accelerator, the Rwanda Military Hospital can provide better care for cancer patients in the entire East African region.

His Excellency, Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, attended the opening ceremonies together with Habib Nehme, Elekta’s Executive Vice President of Turkey, India, Middle East and Africa, and our partner, Dr. Guillaume Faure, who is collaborating with Elekta to make radiation therapy accessible to people across Africa.

“This is a heartening day for Rwandans and a proud day for Elekta,” said Habib Nehme. “It is rewarding to see that so many people in need of advanced cancer care will now finally receive it. We will continue to strive to make high-precision radiation therapy accessible for all throughout the region and across Africa.”

Elekta also noted recent order growth for its radiation therapy solutions in other countries such as Uganda, Egypt and Nigeria.

*Building the Investment Case for Cancer Care with a Focus on Radiotherapy

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