Ten new Elekta treatment systems to alleviate China’s burden of cancer

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Elekta Infinity and Elekta Synergy systems to tackle the leading cause of death in China

To address the same cancer challenges facing the global healthcare community, China is reinforcing its complement of radiotherapy treatment systems, most recently with the order of 10 Elekta linear accelerators and associated radiotherapy solutions.

The Chinese investment group, HEDY, purchased the equipment from Elekta China, an order that includes the linear accelerators (“linacs,” five Elekta Infinity™ systems and five Elekta Synergy® systems), in addition to Monaco® treatment planning, MOSAIQ® Oncology Information System and service for each of the linacs.

HEDY plans to invest in oncology hospitals in 20 cities in the country and an investment agreement was signed with Elekta in December 2019 for 16 cities. Construction of five of these centers has been completed and are expected to be operational in 2020. The company plans to run 20 hospitals with a total of 30,000 beds by 2025.

Anming Gong, Elekta’s Executive Vice President Region China, says the company is addressing the country’s need for radiation therapy devices and personnel to operate them. “Since entering the Chinese market in 1982, Elekta has been committed to leading the innovation of precision radiotherapy technology, supporting China’s medical reform, and training radiotherapy professionals for hospitals at all levels in the country. Our factory in Beijing is now Elekta’s second-largest radiotherapy equipment production base outside of Europe and recently produced its 100th linac.”

Left to right: Elekta Vice President Region China, Kun Xu and HEDY Vice President, Shiping Xiang

The Elekta linacs in this recent order represent two of the company’s most sophisticated treatment platforms:

  • Elekta Infinity, a truly multifunctional device, using advanced technology to offer a wide range of techniques for different indications.
  • Elekta Synergy, which allows clinics with increasingly challenging access to capital and resources to deliver high quality, high volume treatments.

Volume of cancer cases rising

An estimated 4.3 million new cancer cases in China were diagnosed in 2018, according to GLOBOCAN 2018 – a daily average of more than 10,000 people receiving a cancer diagnosis. Under the supervision of the Chinese government, Elekta has been boosting its efforts over the last decade to address the country’s cancer challenges, which include a burgeoning aging population, the increase in chronic diseases and new cancer cases and a shortage of trained oncology personnel.

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