Your Health Matters: Behind the research: Sunnybrook’s first human image taken on MR-Linac

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Sunnybrook’s first human image taken on MR-Linac

Sunnybrook’s radiation and clinical trials teams took a huge leap forward today when they took the first human images on the Odette Cancer Centre’s new MR-Linac – the Elekta Unity. This new technology is the first machine in the world to combine radiation and high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and will let doctors at the Odette Cancer Centre target tumours and monitor their response to radiation with unprecedented precision — even as a tumour moves inside the body — thanks to the machine’s real-time MRI guidance. As the first Canadian centre to install an MR-Linac, Sunnybrook’s team is leading the way and helping to set up and conduct clinical trials that will establish the best treatment protocols for this new machine.

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