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5 questions for Elekta’s Dana Bergstrom, Manager, Customer Development

Focus interviewed Elekta’s Dana Bergstrom, Manager, Customer Development about MOSAIQ Community, why Elekta created this customer-centric community and how MOSAIQ practitioners can leverage its wealth of content. You’ll also see how you, a MOSAIQ user, can have a hand in creating an even richer communal and educational experience.

What is MOSAIQ Community and how is it different from other support channels?

The MOSAIQ Community is a dynamic, online resource available to MOSAIQ users or anyone interested in what our oncology information system (OIS) has to offer. MOSAIQ practitioners can always access Elekta Care™ Community and our call center for comprehensive needs, however, if users are looking to access quick how-to videos and peer-to-peer tips, MOSAIQ Community is the “bookmark” for you. is designed so you can watch, request and share best practices and personal perspectives – geared towards highlighting how MOSAIQ can streamline your daily interactions.

How can you contribute content to MOSAIQ Community?

Contact us through the “Got an Idea?” tab! We’re happy to hear your content suggestions for blog posts, quick reference cards and videos and to help you with other content needs you may have.  We currently offer dozens of expert instructional videos on a multitude of topics, including how to maximize the value of MOSAIQ. Just keep in mind that is not monitored continuously, so please use your normal Elekta contact channel for product questions or issues.

What MOSAIQ videos are trending now?

The titles are “Setting up IQ Scripts and QCLs,” “Creative Layouts for Chart Workspace,” “Efficiencies with IQ Scripts” and “MOSAIQ & QCLs.” Clearly, users are – and have been for some time – very enthusiastic not only about sharing videos on IQ Scripts and QCLS, but also learning about these great workflow streamlining tools.

What else is available on MOSAIQ Community?

Customer perspectives profiling peers that show how MOSAIQ can incrementally benefit your practice, MOSAIQ quick reference cards and handy links to Elekta Care Community and the Elekta upcoming education & training classes.

What else would you like MOSAIQ users to know?

The participation of MOSAIQ users in MOSAIQ Community – visiting, commenting and, especially, contributing content – is vital to keep this website fresh and useful. So, visit, read, learn and comment, but above all think about ways you can contribute video content on your MOSAIQ user experience. Your knowledge could really make a MOSAIQ practitioner’s day!



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