Brisbane Times: One thousand Queenslanders go under the Gamma Knife

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One thousand Queenslanders go under the Gamma Knife

Having gamma rays beamed directly into your brain might sound like a way to accidentally create a superhero, but Brisbane doctors have been using the technique to treat brain cancer without invasive and risky surgery. The Princess Alexandra Hospital’s Gamma Knife marked a milestone on Wednesday when it was used to treat its 1000th patient since it came online in 2015. The machine, one of only two of its kind in the country and the only one in a public hospital, is cutting-edge medical technology that uses focused beams of gamma rays to precisely target tumours. Last June, Robert Wetherspoon was diagnosed with a melanoma on his arm, which was found to have spread to his brain. The 48-year-old would normally have had to go through invasive brain surgery to treat his condition, but instead has been having “radiation surgery” using the Gamma Knife. “This is my fourth time through the machine, so I’m a veteran of the process at this point,” he said on Wednesday. “I absolutely prefer this to surgery, I’m so lucky to have this machine here.”

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