Siteman Cancer Center: Gamma Knife manager’s career combines nursing and law enforcement

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Gamma Knife manager’s career combines nursing and law enforcement

At first glance, neuro-oncology nursing and law enforcement don’t have much in common. But for Eric Filiput, BSN, operations manager of the Gamma Knife Center at Siteman Cancer Center and a former volunteer officer for the St. Louis County Police Department, they share a purpose. “I guess I just like to help people,” he said. “It’s in my blood.” His passion for service keeps him going as he presides over the Gamma Knife command post, supporting patients and ensuring that their treatments run smoothly.
Gamma Knife is a form of radiation surgery that can eliminate brain tumors. It’s a painless procedure that requires no surgical incisions – instead, the machine beams gamma radiation to tumors in an intensely concentrated dose. Each year, the program at Siteman sees more than 300 patients from across the region. The many cases, and their complex nature, require a high level of performance from the staff. Filiput keeps everyone on track. “He’s the best manager I’ve ever worked for,” nurse Katelyn Touchette said. Ralph Dacey, MD, Neurosurgeon-in-Chief at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, observed that “With Eric’s leadership, the Gamma Knife Center is safe, effective, and very patient-centric.”

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