BBC News: ‘More cures, fewer side-effects’ with pioneering MR-linac radiotherapy machine

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'More cures, fewer side-effects' with pioneering radiotherapy machine

The first patient in the UK has been treated with a pioneering new radiotherapy machine. The MR-linac simultaneously scans tumours inside the body while delivering X-ray radiation beams. It means clinicians can plan and adjust radiotherapy in real time, allowing it to be more accurate than ever before. The team at the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden Hospital in London describe the technology as “groundbreaking”. They hope it will lead to more patients being cured while experiencing fewer side-effects. Barry Dolling, 65, who has prostate cancer, is the first patient in the UK to be treated. He told me: “I feel privileged and excited to be part of this. I volunteered to be part of the Prism trial and feel my treatment and the research will help others diagnosed with prostate cancer in the future…”

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