De Telegraaf: Short and focused MR-linac treatment now possible thanks to experiments by ‘smart’ Jannen

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Practice on a pork chop: short and focused treatment now possible thanks to experiments by 'smart' Jannen

Cancer patients who have or are irradiated know it: you’re stuck with an irradiation schedule for weeks. That is pretty damaging. But that can change now that there is an irradiation device, where real-time MRI images can be irradiated in a more targeted way. “Think of five to ten days instead of six weeks,” says Jan Lagendijk, professor of Physics Radiotherapy at UMC Utrecht. It is almost twenty years ago that two smart ‘Jannen’ at the coffee table of the hospital in Utrecht came up with the idea that it should be possible to see the tumors of cancer patients and to irradiate them simultaneously on the basis of these MRI images. Technically this was not possible because the irradiation apparatus and the MRI with their strong magnets did not endure each other…

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