Elekta Care Learning Credits to simplify education and training

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5 questions for Elekta’s David Burns, Director, Global Training Solutions

Wavelength interviewed Elekta’s David Burns, Director Global Training Solutions about Elekta Care Learning Credits (ELC), Elekta’s upcoming global virtual currency that will give customers online purchasing power for Elekta courses, classes and on-line clinical training.

What was the rationale for the ECL Credits program?

Our customers have asked us for a more flexible system for purchasing the education and training needed for their clinical staff. It does away with having to include education and training line items on sales or service contracts, which have been difficult to reverse. In other words, if you bought a course you were locked in. ECL Credits will provide the flexibility to more conveniently manage E&T and encourages customers to evaluate training needs and resources on an annual basis.

When will ECL Credits be available?

Elekta will make the purchase of ECL Credits available to customers worldwide in the latter half of 2018.

What is the purpose of ECL Credits?

The purpose of ECL Credits are three-fold. First, ECL Credits offers our customers the flexibility to easily allocate the purchased of education and training across product line – requiring no contract amendments. Second, because ECL Credits are a simplified commerce solution, the customer experience is enhanced. Everything from pricing and promotion, to purchasing the actual sales transaction will be simplified, streamlined and coordinated centrally. Third, customers will be able to manage their learning needs in one place – allowing them to conveniently and efficiently purchase training, track the balance and consumption of ECL Credits, approve or refuse enrollment, generate skill development plans and print certificates.

How do customers obtain ECL Credits?

Customers will be able to acquire and purchase ECL Credits with the purchase of an Elekta product, within their Elekta Care service agreement or as a standalone purchase. Many Elekta Education & Training Resources will apply to ECL Credits, including:

  • Entitlement training
  • Training courses at Elekta Care Learning Centers
  • eLearning courses
  • Webinars
  • Virtual learning environments
  • Upgrade training
  • Onsite training

Once a customer buys ECL Credits, how do they manage them?

Our customers will be able to easily manage their credits via the online Elekta Learning Management System (LMS). Dashboards provide a rapid assessment of how many credits are available, how many are allowed and the number of credits consumed. Customers also can see a detailed ECL Credit Usage Summary, which includes the Course Title, ECL Credit Value, Transaction Date, Course Status (i.e., not started, completed, withdrawn) and Scheduled Course Completion Date.

Elekta’s Global Education & Training Department is committed to the safe and effective use of Elekta products. In addition, Global Education & Training strive to ensure that our customers are meeting their treatment goals by maximizing the functionality of the equipment. ECL Credits are one more example of our commitment to enhancing the learning process and creating value for the customer.

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