Local12.com: Local man says “Gamma Knife” therapy used by local doctors changed his life

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Local man says "Gamma Knife" therapy used by local doctors changed his life

Imagine stepping outside and feeling the wind on your face, or taking a shower and feeling the water, only instead of it feeling good, it burns. Dieter Hans Schuchhardt knows what that feels like. A team at Mayfield Brain and Spine are using what’s called the “Gamma Knife” to treat this condition at Mercy Health Jewish Hospital. It’s called “Trigeminal Neuralgia” or TN. Schuchhardt says he does not want patients to have to live with the kind of pain he felt for years. “I had the pain from the center of my head, going down… I couldn’t chew, I couldn’t do anything and I was really hurting, and I cried, and this was just excruciating,” said Schuchhardt. Trigeminal Neuralgia is a condition that impacts thousands of people every year. “The triggers for it can be wind, air conditioning eating brushing teeth, shaving, these common things you take for granted can trigger extreme pain that can last for hours or days…

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